Idaho Statutes

33-2814.  Courses. Subject to the authority of the regents to prescribe programs and courses of study, the college or department of arts shall embrace courses of instruction in mathematical, physical and natural sciences, with their application to the industrial arts, such as agriculture, mechanics, engineering, mining and metallurgy, manufactures [manufacturing], architecture and commerce, and such branches included in the college of letters as shall be necessary to a proper fitness of the pupils in the scientific and practical courses for their chosen pursuits; and as soon as the income of the university will allow, in such order as the wants of the public shall seem to require, the said courses in the sciences and their application to the practical arts shall be expanded into distinct colleges of the university, each with its own faculty and appropriate title. The college of letters shall be coexistent with the college of arts and shall embrace a liberal course of instruction in language, literature and philosophy, together with such courses or parts of courses in the college of arts as the regents of the university shall prescribe.

[(33-2814) 1888-1889, p. 21, sec. 10; reen. R.C. & C.L., sec. 497; C.S., sec. 1067; I.C.A., sec. 32-2314; am. 1983, ch. 155, sec. 3, p. 432.]

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