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33-320.  continuous improvement plans AND TRAINING. (1) Each school district and public charter school in Idaho shall develop an annual plan that is part of a continuous focus on improving the student performance of the district or public charter school.
(2)  (a) The board of trustees and the superintendent shall collaborate on the plan and engage students, parents, educators and the community as appropriate. The board of directors and the administrator of a public charter school shall collaborate on the plan and engage students, parents, educators and the community as appropriate.
(b)  The annual continuous improvement plan shall:
(i)   Be data driven, specifically in student outcomes, and shall include, but not be limited to, analyses of demographic data, student achievement and growth data, graduation rates, and college and career readiness;
(ii)  Set clear and measurable targets based on student outcomes;
(iii) Include a clearly developed and articulated vision and mission;
(iv)  Include key indicators for monitoring performance;
(v)  Include, at a minimum, the student achievement and growth metrics reported on each school and district’s report card as required by the state board of education and published by the state department of education; and
(vi)  Include a report of progress toward the previous year’s improvement goals.
(c)  The annual continuous improvement plan must be reviewed and updated annually no later than October 1 each year.
(d)  The board of trustees or the board of directors shall continuously monitor progress toward the goals by utilizing relevant data to measure growth. The progress shall be included in evaluations of the district superintendent or administrator of a public charter school.
(3)  The plan must be made available to the public and shall be posted on the school district or charter school website.
(4)  Of the moneys appropriated in the public schools educational support program, up to six thousand six hundred dollars ($6,600) shall be distributed to each school district and public charter school to be expended for training purposes for district superintendents and boards of trustees, public charter school administrators and boards of directors. Funds shall be distributed on a reimbursement basis based on a process prescribed by the superintendent of public instruction. Qualified training shall include training for continuous improvement processes and planning, strategic planning, finance, superintendent evaluations, public charter administrator evaluations, ethics and governance.
(5)  The state board of education shall be granted rulemaking authority to establish appropriate procedures, qualifications and guidelines for qualified training providers and shall prepare a list of qualified training providers within the state of Idaho.

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