Idaho Statutes

33-3010.  Funds, property and obligations transferred. All of the funds and moneys in the dormitory fund and dining hall fund, including any revolving fund, of the Idaho State College, as the same are authorized by sections 33-370133-3711, and all of the unexpended funds heretofore allocated and appropriated to the Idaho State College for the purposes specified therein, and all of the educational, charitable endowment or other endowment funds, holdings, rights, privileges and immunities of the Academy of Idaho, the Idaho Technical Institute, the Southern Branch of the University of Idaho, and the Idaho State College, including the institutions’ endowment funds referred to in sections 66-110366-1107, and any allocations or appropriations from the normal school fund for the use of the department of education at the Idaho State College, are hereby transferred to, vested in and continued in the Idaho State University and placed under the control of its board of trustees, and appropriated for expenditure by it and shall be paid out by the state treasurer in the manner provided by the constitution and laws of the state of Idaho. All of the property, real and personal, and all of the obligations, legal or moral, of the Idaho State College, are hereby vested in, or shall become the obligations of, the Idaho State University.

[33-3010, added 1963, ch. 12, sec. 10, p. 23.]

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