Idaho Statutes

33-3104.  General powers and duties of board. All rights and title to property, real or personal, belonging to or vested in the Lewis-Clark State College are hereby vested in its board of trustees and their successors. The board of trustees is empowered to acquire, by purchase or exchange, any property which in the judgment of the board is needful for the operation of the Lewis-Clark State College; and to dispose of, by sale or exchange, any property which in the judgment of the board is not needful for the operation of the college.
The board of trustees of the Lewis-Clark State College shall have the following powers:
1.  To adopt rules and regulations for its own government and for that of the college.
2.  To accept grants or gifts of money, materials or property of any kind from any governmental agency, or from any person, firm or association, on such terms as may be determined by the grantor.
3.  To cooperate with any governmental agency, or any person, firm or association in the conduct of any educational program, to accept grants or gifts from any source for the conduct of such program; and to conduct such program on or off campus.
4.  To employ architects or engineers in planning the construction, remodeling or repair of any building or property, and whenever no other agency is designated by law to do so, to let contracts for such construction, remodeling or repair and to supervise the work thereof.
5.  To have at all times, general supervision and control of all property, real or personal, appertaining to the college, and to insure the same.

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