Idaho Statutes

33-3903.  Duties — Publications — Cooperation with other agencies — Satellite offices. It shall be the duty of the Idaho archaeological survey to establish standards for documenting archaeological inventories; to establish standards for curation of archaeological collections; to conduct statewide studies in the field; to perform laboratory studies; to prepare and publish reports on the archaeological resources of the state; to perform analyses and long-term curation of archaeological collections and site inventory information; to determine and distribute to participating institutions an equitable portion of survey and inventory funds from the federal historic preservation funds received by the state of Idaho; and to fix a price upon printed reports and deposit receipts from sales in the archaeological survey account to be used for the preparation and publication of reports of the survey and for no other purpose. The survey shall be allowed to seek and accept funded projects from and form cooperative programs with state and federal agencies and private funding sources for support of the survey’s inventory and curation activities. All moneys received from these projects shall be deposited in the archaeological survey account and shall be used for the aforementioned projects and services. The survey shall be allowed to have satellite offices at the university of Idaho, Idaho state university and Boise state university for the purpose of caring for archaeological collections or survey information or both.

[33-3903, added 1992, ch. 116, sec. 1, p. 389.]

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