Idaho Statutes

33-4701.  STEM school designation for public schools. (1)  As used in this section:
(a)  "STEM" means comprehensive science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
(b)  "STEM instruction" means multidisciplinary science, technology, engineering and mathematics instruction.
(c)  "STEM school designation" and "STEM program designation" mean the designations earned by meeting the criteria as established in this section.
(d)  "STEM program" means a course of study, institute or academy within a school that is multigrade and multidiscipline consisting of STEM instruction.
(2)  The state board of education shall award STEM school and STEM program designations annually to those public schools and public school programs that meet the standards established by the state board of education in collaboration with the STEM action center.
(3)  To be eligible to apply for a STEM designation, the school must meet the standards and application requirements established by the state board of education and the STEM action center, including the following:
(a)  Be a current public school in Idaho that serves students in kindergarten through grade 12, or a subset of grades between kindergarten and grade 12;
(b)  Apply to the STEM action center for a STEM school designation review to include evaluation of the following:
(i)     STEM instruction and curriculum focused on problem-solving, student involvement in team-driven project-based learning, and engineering design process;
(ii)    College and career exposure, exploration and advising;
(iii)   Relevant professional learning opportunities for staff;
(iv)    Community and family involvement;
(v)     Integration of technology and physical resources to support STEM instruction;
(vi)    Collaboration with institutions of higher education and industry;
(vii)   Capacity to capture and share knowledge for best practices and innovative professional development with the STEM action center; and
(viii)  Support of nontraditional and historically underserved student populations in STEM program areas.
(c)  Adopt a plan of STEM implementation that includes, but is not limited to, how the school and district integrate proven best practices into non-STEM courses and practices and how lessons learned are shared with other schools within the district and throughout the state.
(4)  The STEM action center board shall make recommendations annually to the state board of education for the award of a STEM school designation.
(5)  STEM designations shall be valid for a term of five (5) school years. At the end of each designation term, a school may apply to renew its STEM designation. Schools may apply to expand a STEM program designation to a STEM school designation, in alignment with established deadlines, at any time during the term of the STEM program designation.
(6)  The STEM action center and the state board of education shall provide a report to the legislature annually on the implementation of this chapter.
(7)  The state board of education may promulgate rules for the administration and implementation of this chapter.

[33-4701, added 2017, ch. 69, sec. 2, p. 168.]

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