Idaho Statutes

33-4903.  Implementing authority. (1) The state board for career technical education shall adopt rules which are necessary to carry out the motorcycle safety program.
(2)  The division of career technical education may enter into contracts with public or private entities for course delivery and for the provision of services or materials necessary for administration and implementation of the program.
(3)  The division of career technical education may offer motorcycle rider training courses directly and may approve courses offered by public or private entities as authorized program courses if they are administered and taught in full compliance with standards established for the state program.
(4)  The division of career technical education may establish reasonable enrollment fees to be charged for persons who participate in a motorcycle rider training course.
(5)  The division of career technical education may utilize available program funds to defray expenses in offering motorcycle rider training courses and may reimburse entities which offer approved courses for the expenses incurred in offering the courses in order to minimize any course enrollment fee charged to the students.

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