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33-501.  Board of trustees. (1) Each school district shall be governed by a board of trustees. The board of trustees of each elementary school district shall consist of three (3) members, and the board of trustees of each other school district shall consist of five (5) members. Provided, however, that the board of trustees of any district which has had a change in its district boundaries subsequent to June 30, 1973, may consist of no fewer than five (5) nor more than nine (9) members if such provisions are included as part of an approved proposal to redefine and change trustee zones as provided in section 33-313, Idaho Code. The board of trustees of any district that has had a change in its district boundaries because of district consolidation on and after January 1, 2008, shall consist of five (5) members if two (2) districts consolidated or seven (7) members if three (3) or more districts consolidated. Commencing in 2018, a school district trustee shall be elected for a term of four (4) years beginning at twelve o’clock noon on January 1 next succeeding his election.
(2)  Each trustee shall at the time of his nomination and election, or appointment, be a school district elector of his district and a resident of the trustee zone from which nominated or appointed. In the event that a vacancy shall be declared as provided in section 33-504, Idaho Code, and the board of trustees is unable to appoint a trustee from the zone vacated after ninety (90) days, the board of trustees may appoint a person at-large from within the boundaries of the school district to serve as the trustee from the zone where the vacancy occurred.
(3)  Each trustee shall qualify for and assume office on January 1 next following his election, or, if appointed, at the regular meeting of the board of trustees next following such appointment. At the first meeting after a trustee assumes office, an oath of office shall be administered to the trustee, whether elected, reelected or appointed. Said oath may be administered by the clerk, or by another trustee, of the district, and the records of the district shall show such oath of office to have been taken, and by whom administered and shall be filed with the official records of the district.

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