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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-5502.  Creation — Legislative findings — Goal. (1) There is hereby created the Idaho digital learning academy, a public school-choice learning environment which joins the best technology with the best instructional practices. The Idaho digital learning academy as provided for in this chapter, is not a single department of state government unto itself, nor is it a part of any of the twenty (20) departments of state government authorized by section 20, article IV, of the constitution of the state of Idaho, or of the departments prescribed in section 67-2402, Idaho Code. It is legislative intent that the Idaho digital learning academy operate and be recognized not as a state agency or department, but as a governmental entity whose creation has been authorized by the state, much in the manner as other single purpose districts.
(2)  The legislature finds that it is in the best public interest to create the Idaho digital learning academy based on findings that indicate:
(a)  Technology continues to impact all facets of life, including the education of students of school age and adult learners;
(b)  Systems for delivery of education are as diverse as the learners;
(c)  Public school systems are seeking high quality educational choices within the public system, and are aligning curriculum and assessment with state achievement standards; and
(d)  The development of a comprehensive digital learning environment is cost prohibitive for individual school districts.
(3)  The goal of the digital learning academy is to provide choice, accessibility, flexibility, quality and equity in curricular offerings for students in this state.

[33-5502, added 2002, ch. 105, sec. 1, p. 285; am. 2005, ch. 132, sec. 1, p. 420; am. 2008, ch. 119, sec. 1, p. 333.]

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