Idaho Statutes

33-5507.  Registration — Accountability. (1) A student may register with the academy upon recommendation from a traditional school counselor or administrator, or may register directly with the academy if there is no current public school affiliation. However, in order for coursework completed through the academy to be recorded on the student’s transcript, the student shall indicate which school is to receive and record credits earned.
(2)  Students who register for courses shall provide the name of a responsible adult who shall be the contact person for the academy in situations which require consultation regarding the student’s conduct and performance. A designated responsible adult for students with a school affiliation may be a teacher, a counselor or a distance learning coordinator. For home schooled students, a parent or guardian may be designated.
(3)  Policies of accountability as established by rule of the state board shall address the special conditions which exist in an environment where there is reduced face-to-face contact between student and teacher; where students access courses at any time of day, from any location and at the student’s own pace; where online etiquette and ethics should be clearly understood and required of all participants; and where all students’ participation is monitored by online teachers and academy personnel.
(4)  Policies shall be established by rule of the state board for student-related issues including taking exams, proctored or unproctored; ensuring that the work is being done by the student; and ensuring that ethical conduct and proper etiquette are always observed by all participants.

[33-5507, added 2002, ch. 105, sec. 1, p. 288; am. 2005, ch. 132, sec. 4, p. 422; am. 2008, ch. 119, sec. 8, p. 338.]

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