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33-5803.  eligibility to participate — requirements and exemptions. (1) Up to ten (10) public schools per year for each of school years 2016 through 2021, totaling not more than fifty (50) schools, are eligible to participate in the local innovation school act by following the processes set forth in section 33-5804, Idaho Code. If more than ten (10) schools seek to establish an innovation school in any single year, the first ten (10) schools to notify the state board of education pursuant to section 33-5804, Idaho Code, shall be established as innovation schools.
(2)  The following shall apply to an innovation school:
(a)  State, federal and local laws prohibiting discrimination;
(b)  Laws governing safety including, but not limited to, sections 33-122 and 33-130, Idaho Code;
(c)  Section 33-119, Idaho Code, as such section applies to secondary schools accreditation; and
(d)  Section 33-5204, Idaho Code, if the innovation school is an existing public charter school authorized by the school district.
(3)  Except as otherwise provided in subsection (2) of this section, pursuant to the terms of the innovation school agreement, innovation schools may be exempted from the following:
(a)  Idaho Code statutes applicable to a school board or school district;
(b)  Rules promulgated or guidelines adopted by the state board of education or state department of education; and
(c)  Local district policies, including terms and conditions of employment.

[33-5803, added 2016, ch. 305, sec. 1, p. 859.]

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