Idaho Statutes

33-702.  School warrants — How drawn. Whenever the board of trustees has approved and ordered payment of salaries, wages, or other claims against the school district, and the same is not paid by regular bank check, the clerk of the board of trustees shall issue a school district warrant, or order for warrant drawn against the appropriate fund, and shall sign the same.
The clerk of the board of trustees of any elementary school district with less than six (6) teachers within the district shall execute an order for warrant or warrants in duplicate, and present the same to the county auditor of the county, or of the home county, in which the district lies. The county auditor shall thereupon issue his warrant drawn against the school district fund as shown by the order for warrant.
All warrants so issued shall be presented to the treasurer of the school district for payment by the persons holding the same. If there is insufficient money to the credit of the fund on which the warrant is drawn, the treasurer shall endorse on the back of said warrant, "Not paid for want of funds" and hand the same to the person presenting the warrant for payment. Warrants so endorsed by the treasurer shall bear interest at a rate to be specified by the board of trustees of the school district.
Warrants issued by, or in behalf of, any school district shall be paid in the order of their issuance from funds accruing for the year in which they are issued. After all outstanding indebtedness for general school purposes for any one (1) year has been paid, any balance in the general school fund for that year shall be transferred to a warrant redemption fund for payment of any registered warrants. Where there is no outstanding indebtedness for general school purposes, nor any registered warrants, any such balance may be used for the payment of current expenses for the next fiscal year.

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