Idaho Statutes

34-1208.  Certificates of nomination or election. Immediately after the primary election canvass the county clerk shall issue certificates of nomination to the political party candidates of each party who receive the highest number of votes for their particular county office, and the candidates so certified shall have their names placed on the general election ballot. On or before the eighth day after the primary election canvass, the county clerk shall issue certificates of election to the precinct committeemen of each political party who receive the highest number of votes in their precinct. Provided that to be elected, a precinct committeeman shall receive a minimum of five (5) votes. In the event no candidate receives the minimum number of votes required to be elected, a vacancy in the office shall exist and shall be filled as otherwise provided by law. The county clerk shall also certify by registered mail the results of the primary election to the secretary of state. The form for such certificate shall be prescribed by the secretary of state and be uniform throughout the state.

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