Idaho Statutes

34-1713.  Time within which recall may be filed — Removal of signatures. (1) No petition for a recall shall be circulated against any officer until he has actually held office under the current term for at least ninety (90) days.
(2)  After one (1) special recall election, no further recall petition shall be filed against the same officer during his current term of office, unless the petitioners first pay into the public treasury which has paid such special recall election expenses the whole amount of the expenses for the preceding recall election. The specific reason for recall in one (1) recall petition for which an election has been held cannot be the basis for a second recall petition during that current term of office.
(3)  The signer of any recall petition may remove his own name from the petition by crossing out, obliterating, or otherwise defacing his own signature at any time prior to the time when the petition is filed.

[34-1713, as added by 1972, ch. 283, sec. 3, p. 703; am. 1975, ch. 137, sec. 6, p. 302; am. 2004, ch. 164, sec. 6, p. 539; am. 2013, ch. 135, sec. 11, p. 316.]

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