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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


34-404.  Registration of electors — political party affiliation — unaffiliated designation. (1) All electors must register before being able to vote at any primary, general, special, school or any other election governed by the provisions of title 34, Idaho Code. Registration of a qualified person occurs when a legible, accurate and complete registration application and proof of identity and residence are received in the office of the county clerk or at the polls pursuant to section 34-408(3), 34-408A, or 34-1012, Idaho Code.
(2)  Each elector may select on the registration application an affiliation with a political party qualified to participate in elections pursuant to section 34-501, Idaho Code, or may select to be designated as unaffiliated. The county clerk shall record the party affiliation or unaffiliated designation so selected as part of the elector’s registration record. If an elector shall fail or refuse to make such a selection, the county clerk shall enter on the registration records that such elector is unaffiliated.
(3)  In order to provide an elector with the appropriate primary election ballot, pursuant to section 34-904A, Idaho Code, the poll book for primary elections shall include the party affiliation or designation as unaffiliated for each elector so registered. An unaffiliated elector shall declare to the poll worker which primary election ballot the elector chooses to vote in, pursuant to section 34-904A, Idaho Code, and the poll worker or other authorized election personnel shall record such declaration in the poll book. The poll book shall contain checkoff boxes to allow the poll worker or other authorized election personnel to record such unaffiliated elector’s selection.

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