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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


34-432.  Correction of election register from challenges at election. (1) No later than the ninth Friday after each election, the county clerk shall examine the election register and note the challenges as described in section 34-431, Idaho Code. The county clerk shall mail a written inquiry to the challenged elector at his mailing address as indicated on his registration card. Such inquiry shall state the nature of the challenge and provide a suitable form for reply.
(2)  Within twenty (20) days from the date of mailing of the written inquiry, the elector may, in person or in writing, state that the information on his registration card is correct. Upon receipt of such a statement or request, the county clerk shall determine whether the information satisfies the challenge. If the county clerk determines that the challenge has not been satisfied, the county clerk shall schedule a hearing on the challenge and shall notify the elector of the place and time of the hearing. The hearing shall be held no later than twenty (20) days after notice is given. At the hearing, the challenged elector may present evidence of qualification. If the county clerk, upon the conclusion of the hearing, determines that the challenged elector’s registration is not valid, the county clerk shall cancel the registration. If a challenged elector fails to make the statement or request in response to the inquiry, the county clerk shall cancel the registration.
(3)  The county clerk may make inquiry into the validity of any registration at any time. The inquiry shall proceed as provided in this section.

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