Idaho Statutes

34-903.  Secretary of state to prescribe form and contents of all ballots and related documents. (1) The secretary of state shall, in a manner consistent with the election laws of this state, prescribe the form for all ballots, absentee ballots, diagrams, sample ballots, ballot labels, voting machine labels or booklets, certificates, notices, declarations of candidacy, affidavits of all types, lists, applications, poll books, tally sheets, registers, rosters, statements and abstracts if required by the election laws of this state.
(2)  The secretary of state shall prescribe the arrangement of the matter to be printed on each kind of ballot and label, including:
(a)  The placement and listing of all offices, candidates and issues upon which voting is statewide, which shall be uniform throughout the state.
(b)  The listing of all other candidates required to file with him, and the order of listing all offices and issues upon which voting is not statewide.
(3)  The names of candidates for legislative or special district offices shall be printed only on the ballots and ballot labels furnished to voters of such district.
(4)  The names of candidates which appear on election ballots for federal, state, county and city offices shall be rotated in the manner determined by the secretary of state. The order of candidates for office in other elections shall be determined by applying the first letter of each candidate’s last name to a random alphabet selected prior to each election by the secretary of state.
(5)  No candidate’s name may appear on a ballot for more than one (1) partisan office or one (1) judicial office, except that a candidate for precinct committeeman may seek one (1) additional office upon the same ballot. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to the election of electors of president and vice-president of the United States.

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