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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


36-1102.  Protection of birds. (a) Game, Song, Insectivorous, Rodent Killing, and Innocent Birds Protected. Except for English sparrows and starlings, no person shall at any time of the year take any game, song, rodent killing, insectivorous or other innocent bird, except as provided by commission proclamations promulgated pursuant hereto, or for any person to intentionally disturb or destroy the eggs or nests of such birds at any time.
(b)  Migratory Birds.
1.  No person shall hunt, take or have in possession any migratory birds except as provided by federal regulations made pursuant to the federal migratory bird treaty act, as amended, and in accordance with related rules and proclamations promulgated by the commission.
2.  No person subject to the federal migratory bird hunting stamp act tax shall hunt any migratory waterfowl unless at the time of such hunting he carries on his person an unexpired federal migratory bird hunting stamp validated by his signature in ink across the face of the stamp or an electronically issued unexpired validation on a valid license while hunting such birds.
(c)  Falconry. The commission is authorized to establish a falconry program and to promulgate rules and proclamations governing same. As may be required by commission rule, the fees for a falconry permit, raptor captive breeding permit and raptor in-state transfer permit shall be as specified in section 36-416, Idaho Code. The falconry and the raptor captive breeding permit shall expire three (3) years from date of issue.

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