Idaho Statutes

36-1511.  Revocation of license for taking of animals within boundaries of a national park. (1) The director of the Idaho department of fish and game may revoke the hunting license of any person, and deny him the right to secure any hunting license, for conviction of any violation of any state or federal fish and game law relating to the taking of animals within the boundaries of a national park.
(2)  For the purposes of this section, the term "conviction" shall mean a finding of guilt; an entry of a guilty plea by a defendant and its acceptance by the court; a forfeiture of a bail bond or collateral deposited to secure a defendant’s appearance; a suspended sentence; probation; or a withheld judgment.
(3)  The director or a referee he may appoint, shall have authority to hold a hearing in the same manner as set forth in sections 36-1501 and 36-1502, Idaho Code. Upon proof of conviction, the director may revoke the hunting license of the offender and deny him the right to hunt in Idaho for a period to be fixed by the director, with or without the recommendation of his referee, not to exceed twenty (20) years.

[36-1511, added 1995, ch. 280, sec. 1, p. 940.]

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