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36-201.  Fish and game commission authorized to classify wildlife. (1) With the exception of predatory animals, the Idaho fish and game commission is hereby authorized to define by classification or reclassification all wildlife in the state of Idaho. Such definitions and classifications shall include:
(a)  Game animals
(b)  Game birds
(c)  Game fish
(d)  Fur-bearing animals
(e)  Migratory birds
(f)  Threatened or endangered wildlife
(g)  Protected nongame species
(h)  Unprotected wildlife
Predatory wildlife shall include:
1.  Coyote
2.  Jackrabbit
3.  Skunk
4.  Weasel
5.  Starling
6.  Raccoon
(2)  Notwithstanding the classification assigned to wolves, all methods of take including, but not limited to, all methods utilized by the United States fish and wildlife service and the United States department of agriculture wildlife services, shall be authorized for the management of wolves in accordance with existing laws or approved management plans. In addition, any method utilized for the take of any wild canine in Idaho shall be available for the taking of wolves.
(3)  Wolf trapping season shall be open year-round on all private property, as long as individuals are in compliance with the permission requirements contained in section 36-1603, Idaho Code, before entering private property. It is the expectation of the legislature that wolf collaring will be used as one of the proactive management tools for packs that are predisposed to depredation on domestic livestock and for assisting with population counts.

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