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36-303.  Distribution, issuance, and sale of licenses — Bonding of vendors. The director shall distribute such computerized licensing equipment and supplies to any person he may select as a license vendor for the purpose of license sale, issuance and distribution. All resident licenses shall be issued only within the state of Idaho. All computerized licensing equipment and unused supplies shall remain the property of the department. License vendors shall be responsible for all sums received by them from the sale of such licenses less the authorized vendor fee as provided for in section 36-306, Idaho Code, and shall be liable upon their official bonds, if any, and should any person fail to account for the same, any sum remaining due by reason of such failure may be recovered from such person or his bondsman in a civil action. Provided, that any and all license vendors, other than employees of the department of fish and game of the state of Idaho, may be required to furnish to the director, before entering upon the sale of said licenses, a good and sufficient surety bond to the state of Idaho in an amount designated by the director. Provided further that when a surety bond is furnished by a surety company authorized to do business in the state of Idaho, said bond shall be approved and accepted by the director and filed in the state office of the department of fish and game. All bonds executed by any person required to furnish the same shall cover a period of two (2) years and said bond shall be in a form prescribed by said director.
The director may at his discretion furnish a scheduled bond sufficient to cover the amount designated by the director. All or any part of said bond may be paid for out of the fish and game account and shall be in lieu of any other bond requirement for the sale of licenses.
Any bond given in accordance with this section of the statute is declared to be an official bond of the state of Idaho.
Provided further that no person except an employee of the department shall be authorized to issue and sell such licenses until any required bond as hereinbefore provided for shall have been properly signed, approved and filed with the director. All moneys collected by any person for the sale of such licenses in the state of Idaho, with the exception of the vendor fee to be retained by them, shall be and remain the property of the department. Any person appropriating any of said funds of the department of fish and game for his own use shall be guilty of a felony.

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