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36-306.  Vendor fee. All persons authorized to issue licenses shall charge a vendor issuance fee of one dollar and seventy-five cents ($1.75) upon all licenses issued, one dollar ($1.00) of which shall be retained by them as compensation for the issuance of such licenses; provided that the vendor fee for an eighth class license as that license is provided for in section 36-406(f), Idaho Code, shall be equal to one-half (1/2) the total vendor fee had each license, tag, permit or stamp been separately issued; provided further, the director may waive the vendor issuance fee for a license not issued by the department’s computerized licensing system. Seventy-five cents (75¢) of the vendor fee shall be retained by the department, shall be deposited in the fish and game account, and shall be used to help offset the cost of the computerized licensing system. Such vendor fee shall be charged in addition to the regular cost of the license. However, in the case of crayfish or minnow traps, beaver, bobcat or lynx tags the vendor fee shall be charged for each issuance of tags for each species regardless of the number of tags issued in said transaction. Proceeds from department issued licenses may be set aside for the department’s special operations program, including citizens against poaching.

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