Idaho Statutes

36-802.  Commercial fishing authorized. The commission shall at such times and in such amounts as, through investigations it deems proper, allow commercial fishing for fish or crustacea in the waters under the jurisdiction of the state. Commercial fishing shall mean the taking or attempting to take fish or crustacea for the purpose of selling, bartering, exchanging, offering, or exposing for sale. No person shall conduct, operate or manage a commercial fishing operation without obtaining a commercial fishing license and commercial gear tags from the director prior to engaging in such commercial fishing operation. Fishermen using five (5) or fewer traps or a single minnow net and having annual gross retail sales of five hundred dollars ($500) or less, are exempt from purchasing a commercial license. Either the licensed commercial operator or a licensed employee must be present whenever the commercial gear is operated, lifted, or fished. The director shall charge the fee as specified in section 36-416, Idaho Code, for each resident license and the fee as specified in section 36-416, Idaho Code, for each nonresident license. Said licenses shall expire on June 30 next following date of issuance. The director shall charge the following fees for the commercial gear tags: for each crayfish or minnow trap, the fee as specified in section 36-416, Idaho Code; and for each net longer than four (4) feet, the fee as specified in section 36-416, Idaho Code.

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