Idaho Statutes

37-2719.  Order to show cause. (a) Except as set forth in section 37-2718(g), Idaho Code, before denying, restricting, suspending or revoking a registration, or refusing a renewal of registration, the board shall serve upon the applicant or registrant an order to show cause why the registration should be restricted, denied, revoked, or suspended, or why the renewal should be refused. The order to show cause shall contain a statement of the basis therefor and shall call upon the applicant or registrant to appear before the board at a time and place not less than thirty (30) days after the date of service of the order, but in the case of a denial or renewal of registration the show cause order shall be served not later than thirty (30) days before the expiration of the registration. These proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, without regard to any criminal prosecution or other proceeding. Proceedings to refuse renewal of registration shall not abate the existing registration which shall remain in effect pending the outcome of the administrative hearing.
(b)  The board may suspend, without an order to show cause, any registration simultaneously with the institution of proceedings under section 37-2718, Idaho Code, or where renewal of registration is refused, if it finds that there is an imminent danger to the public health or safety which warrants this action. The suspension shall continue in effect until the conclusion of the proceedings, including judicial review thereof, unless sooner withdrawn by the board or dissolved by a court of competent jurisdiction.
(c)  In conjunction with a proceeding for denying, restricting, suspending or revoking a registration, or refusing a renewal of registration, and upon a finding of grounds for such denial, restriction, suspension, revocation or refusal to renew, the board may also impose an administrative fine not to exceed two thousand dollars ($2,000) per occurrence and the costs of prosecution and administrative costs of bringing the action including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees and costs and costs of hearing transcripts.

[37-2719, added 1971, ch. 215, sec. 1, p. 939; am. 2001, ch. 211, sec. 2, p. 836; am. 2015, ch. 25, sec. 5, p. 38.]

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