Idaho Statutes

37-309.  Standards for milk haulers. The following standards are hereby adopted relating to milk haulers and to the operation of transportation tanks:
(1)  All milk haulers must possess a permit issued by the state department of agriculture. All milk haulers shall be subject to such examination and abilities as the department of agriculture may prescribe by rule or regulation in order to receive and retain such permit. The fee for the permit shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00). The permit shall be valid for three (3) years and must be renewed by December 31 of the third year.
(2)  The milk line shall be passed through a special port opening through the milk house wall with care to prevent contact with the ground or floor of the milk house. The port opening shall be closed when not in use.
(3)  It shall be the responsibility of the milk hauler to assure that in the event the processor washes and sanitizes the truck the operation has been adequately performed, and that prior to use the tank truck has been properly sanitized. In the event it is the milk hauler’s responsibility to sanitize the tank truck, it shall be done with a chlorine solution of proper strength.
(4)  The milk hauler’s hands shall be washed immediately before gauging the milk.
(5)  The milk shall be observed and checked for abnormalities or adulterations, and all abnormal or adulterated milk shall be rejected.
(6)  The milk volume in the farm tank shall be determined in a sanitary manner.
(7)  The milk in the farm tank shall be thoroughly agitated. Milk samples for analysis shall be taken in a sanitary manner into properly identified sterile containers. All sampling shall follow standard methods.
(8)  After the milk is pumped to the transportation tank the milk conductor tubing shall be capped and returned to the vehicle storage cabinet. Care shall be taken to prevent soiling of the milk line by contact with the milk house floor, operator’s hands or the ground.
(9)  The milk hauler shall rinse the farm tank and accessories free of milk with clean water immediately after emptying.
(10) The milk hauler shall be responsible for proper use of the transportation tank and accessories.

[37-309, added 2014, ch. 275, sec. 11, p. 689.]

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