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37-407.  Fees and assessments to be collected from dairy processors. Whenever an inspection of any dairy product is made by the department of agriculture, or whenever permanent or temporary inspectors or employees are used by said department for the purpose of enforcing or promulgating an inspection or sanitary program for any dairy product, the department is authorized to fix, assess and collect or cause to be collected from the dairy processors, fees or assessments for such services when they are performed by such employees or agents of the department, such fees to be on a uniform basis in an amount reasonably necessary to cover the cost of such inspection and the administration of the department of agriculture dairy inspection program; provided, however, that the department shall so adjust the fees to be collected under this section as to meet the expenses necessary for this inspection service only, all of said fees to be used for this purpose alone; and provided further, that in no event shall the fees or assessments exceed four (4) mills per pound of butterfat produced by any dairyman in Idaho or received by processors. All such fees and moneys collected or received by the department, its employees or agents under this act shall be deposited in the "dairy industry and inspection account" which account is hereby created. All moneys coming into said account are hereby appropriated to the department of agriculture to be used in the inspection required by law to be made of the dairy industry and dairy products. The fees and assessments accrued in any given month are due and payable no later than the twentieth day of the following month.

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