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38-505.  Creation of burn seeding areas. The boards of county commissioners of the various counties are hereby authorized to create areas that may hereafter be burned over within their respective counties, into "Burn Seeding Areas", and such boards may purchase, or authorize the purchase of seed to seed a part or all of such areas. The county boards are also authorized to enter into contracts with other state agencies or with federal agencies to seed land under the jurisdiction of such agencies within such "Burn Seeding Areas."
Whenever the Board of County Commissioners of any county deems it necessary or desirable to create a "Burn Seeding Area," it must by resolution adopted by a majority of the members of said Board, setting forth in such resolution that such said Burning Seeding Area is necessary within the county, and describing all of the lands included in said area, and fixing a time of hearing. The Clerk of the Board must publish said resolution and a notice requiring all interested persons to appear at a time and place before said Board, as designated in said resolution, and show cause if any they have why said Burn Seeding Area should not be created. Said notice must be published in one issue of a weekly newspaper published in the County. If no newspaper is published in the county, then in such paper as the Board may direct in its resolution. Said resolution and said notice shall provide a date of hearing, which shall be not less than ten days from the date of publication. Upon said hearing, after fully considering said matter, if the Board finds that the creation of said Burn Seeding Area is desirable and necessary, it shall make an order in writing to that effect, and file the same with the Clerk of the District Court in and for said County. Anyone interested may appeal to the District Court under the procedure set forth by Sections 31-1510, 31-1511, 31-1512[, Idaho Code].

[38-505, added 1941, ch. 71, sec. 5, p. 135.]

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