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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


39-2604.  Permit required for retail sales. (1) The local authority having jurisdiction may require a permit for the retail sale of nonaerial common fireworks.
(2)  If a permit is required the applications shall be on a form approved by the authority having jurisdiction and shall include the name and address of the applicant (or the names of all partners, if a partnership, the name of the corporation and the corporate officers if a corporation, or the name of the limited liability company and all of its members, if a limited liability company)  the primary location of the business, each location at which fireworks are to be stored and the applicant’s Idaho sales tax seller’s permit number, if applicable.
(3)  A bond or valid certificate of public liability and property-casualty insurance providing coverage of up to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) for personal injury and property damage may be required at the time of application.
(4)  The authority having jurisdiction may assess a fee for issuing a permit under this section which shall not exceed twenty-five dollars ($25.00).
(5)  The permit shall be issued if the application is complete and in compliance with applicable law, shall be valid for twelve (12) months from the date of issuance and shall be nontransferable.
(6)  The permit required under this section may be revoked if the permittee violates any provisions of this chapter. A permit revocation proceeding shall comply with the provisions of chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code.
(7)  The permit shall be displayed in public view at the location listed on the permit.

[39-2604, added 1997, ch. 246, sec. 2, p. 711.]

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