Idaho Statutes

39-4513.  Immunity. (1) No emergency medical services personnel, health care provider, facility, or individual employed by, acting as the agent of, or under contract with any such health care provider or facility shall be civilly or criminally liable or subject to discipline for unprofessional conduct for acts or omissions carried out or performed in good faith pursuant to the directives in a facially valid POST form, living will, DNR order or other health care directive, or pursuant to a POST identification device as provided for in section 39-4512A(5), Idaho Code.
(2)  Any physician or other health care provider who for ethical or professional reasons is incapable or unwilling to conform to the desires of the person who may give consent to care for the patient under section 39-4504, Idaho Code, as expressed by the procedures set forth in this chapter may, subject to the requirements of section 39-4514(3), Idaho Code, withdraw without incurring any civil or criminal liability provided the physician or other health care provider, before withdrawal of his or her participation, makes a good faith effort to assist the person in obtaining the services of another physician or other health care provider who is willing to provide care for the person in accordance with the person’s expressed or documented wishes.
(3)  No person who exercises the responsibilities of a durable power of attorney for health care in good faith shall be subject to civil or criminal liability as a result.
(4)  Neither the registration of a health care directive in the health care directive registry under section 39-4515, Idaho Code, nor the revocation of such a directive requires a health care provider to request information from that registry. The decision of a health care provider to request or not to request a health care directive document from the registry shall be immune from civil or criminal liability. A health care provider who in good faith acts in reliance on a facially valid health care directive received from the health care directive registry shall be immune from civil or criminal liability for those acts done in such reliance.
(5)  Health care providers and emergency medical services personnel may disregard the POST form or a POST identification device or a DNR order:
(a)  If they believe in good faith that the order has been revoked; or
(b)  To avoid oral or physical confrontation; or
(c)  If ordered to do so by the attending physician.

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