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39-7205.  Work plans. (1) If the department determines an application is eligible under this chapter, the person may submit a proposed voluntary remediation work plan to the department. Before the department evaluates a proposed voluntary remediation work plan, the person who submitted the work plan and the department must enter into a voluntary remediation agreement that sets forth the terms and conditions of the evaluation and the implementation of the work plan.
(a)  A voluntary remediation agreement must include the following:
(i)   An estimation of costs the department may incur under this chapter;
(ii)  A payment schedule of all reasonable costs estimated to be incurred by the department in the review and oversight of the work plan;
(iii) A provision for the department’s oversight including access to site and pertinent site records;
(iv)  A timetable for the department to do the following:
1.  Reasonably review and evaluate the adequacy of the work plan; or
2.  Make a determination concerning the approval or rejection of the work plan;
(v)   A provision to modify the voluntary remediation agreement and voluntary remediation work plan based upon unanticipated site conditions;
(vi)  Any other conditions considered necessary by the department or the person concerning the effective and efficient implementation of this chapter.
(b)  A proposed voluntary remediation work plan must include a proposed statement of work and schedule to accomplish the remediation in accordance with rules established by the board. Any institutional control proposed as part of a work plan that requires activity and/or use limitations shall comply with the uniform environmental covenants act, chapter 30, title 55, Idaho Code.
(2)  If a voluntary remediation agreement is not reached between a person and the department within a reasonable time after good faith negotiations have begun, the person or the department may withdraw from the negotiations.

[39-7205, added 1996, ch. 252, sec. 1, p. 798; am. 2010, ch. 99, sec. 1, p. 191.]

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