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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


40-1907.  Permits and licenses — Issuance — Fees. (1) The department, in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, shall issue or renew permits and licenses for a period of at least one (1) year for the erection or maintenance of all type of outdoor advertising structures, signs or displays. No permit or license shall be issued for the erection or construction of any sign which would be in violation of local law or ordinance at the time application is filed, and further provided that no permit shall be withheld or denied for a nonconforming sign which is to be removed pursuant to the terms of this chapter by reason of the sign being located upon land to which the state or the department has acquired a restrictive covenant regarding the erection of signs if the sign was in existence prior to October 22, 1965.
(2)  The license fee for an original license, and for each annual renewal, is payable annually in advance, as follows:
(a)  Fifty dollars ($50.00) for persons owning one or more but fewer than one hundred (100) signs subject to this chapter.
(b)  One hundred dollars ($100) for persons owning more than one hundred (100) signs subject to this chapter.
(3)  Licenses granted shall expire each year on December 31 and shall not be pro rated. Application for renewal of licenses shall be made not less than thirty (30) days prior to the date of expiration.
(4)  A permit fee of ten dollars ($10.00) shall accompany each original permit application. An annual permit fee of three dollars ($3.00) shall accompany each renewal permit application.
(5)  The issuance of a permit and payment of a permit fee for the placing of an advertising structure includes the right to change the advertising copy thereon without obtaining any additional permit for the remainder of the calendar year in which the permit is issued and without the payment of any additional permit fee.
(6)  Any license or permit issued pursuant to this chapter may be transferred to any person who acquires the business as a successor of the person for whom the license or permit was issued.

[40-1907, added 1985, ch. 253, sec. 2, p. 684.]

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