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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


40-1910.  Location of displays. No advertising display shall be placed or maintained in any of the following locations or positions or under any of the following conditions or if the advertising structure or sign is of the following nature:
(1)  Within the right-of-way of any highway;
(2)  Visible from any interstate or primary highway and simulating or imitating any directional, warning, danger or information sign permitted under the provisions of this chapter, or if intended or likely to be construed as giving warnings of traffic;
(3)  Within any stream or drainage canal or below the flood water level of any stream or drainage canal where the advertising display might be deluged by flood waters and swept under any highway structure crossing the stream or drainage canal or against the supports of the highway structure;
(4)  Not maintained in a safe condition;
(5)  Visible from any interstate or primary highway and displaying any red, blue or blinking intermittent light likely to be mistaken for a warning or danger signal;
(6)  Illuminated with such brilliance and so positioned as to blind or dazzle the vision of travelers on adjacent interstate or primary highways;
(7)  Purported to direct the movement of traffic;
(8)  Painted, affixed or attached to any natural feature as more particularly prohibited by section 18-7017, Idaho Code;
(9)  Hinder the clear, unobstructed view of approaching or merging traffic, nor obscure from view any traffic sign or other official sign;
(10)  Located as to obscure the view of any connecting highway or intersection; and
(11)  Not clear or in good repair.

[40-1910, added 1985, ch. 253, sec. 2, p. 685.]

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