Idaho Statutes

41-1237.  Misrepresentation — Action and penalties. (1) If within twenty-one (21) days following the giving of the notice provided for in section 41-1236, Idaho Code, the insurer has not ceased such dissemination, and if the director has reason to believe that such insurer is soliciting, issuing or delivering contracts of insurance to residents of this state or collecting premiums on such contracts or performing any other transaction in connection with such insurance, and that a proceeding by him in respect to such matters would be in the interest of the public, he shall order the insurer to desist the prohibited practices.
(2)  If the director finds that the insurer has misrepresented as referred to in section 41-1236, Idaho Code, he shall by order on such hearing require the insurer to cease and desist from such violation, and shall mail a copy of the order by registered or certified mail to the insurer at its principal place of business last of record with the director and to the insurance supervisory officer of the insurer’s domiciliary state or province. Each violation thereafter of such desist order shall subject the insurer to a penalty of two thousand dollars ($2,000), to be recovered by a civil action brought against the insurer by the director. Service of process upon the insurer in such action may be made upon the director pursuant to section 41-1207, Idaho Code, or in any other lawful manner.

[41-1237, added 1969, ch. 214, sec. 44, p. 625; am. 2005, ch. 78, sec. 2, p. 272.]

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