Idaho Statutes

41-1417.  Admission of subscribers — Services nondiscriminatory. (1) Subject to rules which have been approved by the director as reasonable, each rating organization shall permit any insurer, not a member, to be a subscriber to its rating services for any kind of insurance or subdivision thereof, or class of risk or a part or combination thereof for which it is authorized to act as a rating organization. Notice of proposed changes in such rules shall be given to subscribers.
(2)  Each rating organization shall furnish its rating services without discrimination to its members and subscribers.
(3)  The reasonableness of any rule in its application to subscribers, or the refusal of any rating organization to admit an insurer as a subscriber, shall, at the request of any subscriber or any such insurer, be reviewed by the director at a hearing upon notice to the rating organization and to the subscriber or insurer in accordance with chapter 2, title 41, Idaho Code. If the director finds that such rule is unreasonable in its application to subscribers, he shall order that the rule shall not be applicable to subscribers. If a rating organization fails to grant or reject an insurer’s application for subscribership within thirty (30) days after it was made, the insurer may request a review by the director as if the application had been rejected. If the director finds that the insurer has been refused admittance to the rating organization as a subscriber without justification, he shall order the rating organization to admit the insurer as a subscriber. If he finds that the action of the rating organization was justified, he shall make an order affirming its action.

[41-1417, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 322, p. 645; am. 2005, ch. 77, sec. 10, p. 262.]

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