Idaho Statutes

41-1622.  Information to insureds — Review of insured’s complaint. (1) Every rating organization and every insurer which makes its own rates shall, within a reasonable time after receiving written request therefor and upon payment of such reasonable charges as it may make, furnish to any insured affected by a rate made by it, or to the authorized representative of such insured, all pertinent information as to such rate.
(2)  Every rating organization and every insurer which makes its own rates shall provide within this state reasonable means whereby any person aggrieved by the application of its rating system may be heard, in person or by his authorized representative, on his written request to review the manner in which such rating system has been applied in connection with the insurance afforded him. If the rating organization or insurer fails to grant or reject such request within thirty (30) days after it is made, the applicant may proceed in the same manner as if his application had been rejected. Any party affected by the action of such rating organization or such insurer on such request may, within thirty (30) days after written notice of such action, appeal to the director, who, after a hearing held upon notice to the appellant and to such rating organization or insurer in accordance with chapter 2, title 41, Idaho Code, may affirm or reverse such action.

[41-1622, added 1969, ch. 306, sec. 22, p. 917; am. 2005, ch. 77, sec. 21, p. 268.]

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