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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-240.  Order on hearing. (1) In the conduct of hearings under this code and making his order thereon, the director shall act in a quasi-judicial capacity.
(2)  Within thirty (30) days after termination of a hearing and completion of the transcript, if any, or of any rehearing thereof or reargument thereon, or within such other period as may be specified in this code as to particular proceedings, the director shall make his order on hearing and, subject to subsection (5) below, shall give a copy of the order to each person to whom notice of the hearing was given or required to be given and to any other person who became a party to the hearing by intervention.
(3)  The order shall contain a concise statement of the facts as found by the director, and of his conclusions therefrom, and the matters required by section 41-212 (orders, notices).
(4)  The order may confirm, modify, or nullify action taken under an existing order, or may constitute the taking of any new action coming within the scope of the notice of the hearing.
(5)  If notice of the hearing was given by publication as provided for in section 41-235 the director may publish the order on hearing once each week for four (4) consecutive weeks in the same newspapers in which such notice was published, the first such publication to be made on the date of the order. Publication of the order shall be in lieu of the giving of copies of the order as required under subsection (2) above. At time of first publication the director shall mail to every advisory organization which has filed with him pursuant to section 41-1425, a copy of the published order if the order would affect any interest of members of such advisory organization.

[41-240, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 57, p. 645.]

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