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41-2212.  Definitions. In this act, unless the context otherwise requires:
(1)  "Carrier" shall mean the insurance company, nonprofit hospital and medical service corporation, or other entity responsible for the payment of benefits or provision of services under a policy.
(2)  "Dependent" shall have the meaning set forth in a policy.
(3)  "Discontinuance" shall mean the termination of a policy by action taken by the policyholder, including failure to pay premium within the period provided by the policy, or by the carrier pursuant to a provision of the policy permitting termination or by mutual agreement of the policyholder and carrier.
(4)  "Employee" shall mean all agents, employees, and members of unions or associations to whom benefits are provided under a policy.
(5)  "Extension of Benefits" means the continuation of coverage under a particular benefit provided under a policy following discontinuance with respect to an employee or dependent who is totally disabled on the date of discontinuance.
(6)  "Policy" shall mean any group insurance policy, group hospital and medical service contract or other plan, contract or policy subject to the provisions of this act.
(7)  "Policyholder" shall mean the entity to which a policy is issued as specified in section 41-2213.
(8)  "Premium" shall mean the consideration payable to the carrier.
(9)  "Replacement Coverage" shall mean the benefits which are substituted under one carrier’s policy by similar benefits under a policy issued by another carrier.
(10)  "Totally Disabled" shall have the meaning set forth in a policy and not be inconsistent with the definition of "disability insurance" in section 41-503, Idaho Code.

[41-2212, added 1975, ch. 204, sec. 3, p. 565.]

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