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41-4004.  Plan requirements.  (1) The director shall not register any self-funded plan under this chapter unless the following requirements are met:
(a)  The plan must require all contributions to be paid in advance and to be deposited in and disbursed from a trust fund duly created by a written irrevocable trust agreement between the employer or employers and the trustee, or between the postsecondary educational institution and the trustee, that meets the terms of this chapter.
(b)  The plan shall appoint a trustee who demonstrates the character, fitness and competence to function in such role and whose function shall be to competently manage and administer the trust fund and plan.
(c)  With regard to single employer plans or multiple employer welfare plans, the plans must require that employers contribute to the trust fund and that all contributions by employees, if any, shall be by regular periodic payroll deductions, except as to contributions made by an employee during his absence from such employment for such period as the plan may reasonably provide.
(d)  The plan must provide that the trustee shall furnish to each employee-beneficiary or each student-beneficiary a copy of the plan, which shall include a written statement or schedule adequately and clearly stating all benefits currently provided under the plan, as well as all applicable restrictions, limitations, and exclusions, and the procedure for filing a claim for benefits.
(e)  The plan shall require that the trust fund be actuarially sound. Assets and income of the trust fund shall at all times be reasonably adequate to provide for full payment of all benefits promised to beneficiaries by the plan and to cover all other costs of operation. The initial contribution rates shall be calculated by a qualified actuary and shall include a reasonable provision for adverse deviation and a reasonable contribution to surplus.
(f)  Before the registration by the department of the self-funded plan, the department shall verify that an amount equal to fifty percent (50%) of the qualified actuary’s estimate of any minimum surplus requirements, as provided in section 41-4010(3), Idaho Code, after twelve (12) months of operation, be deposited in the trust fund, in addition to the first month’s contributions for all beneficiaries.
(2)  After registration of the plan, in addition to the required quarterly and annual filings and other requirements as provided in this chapter, the trustee shall file the following documents with the director for his review and approval not less than thirty (30) days before the effective date thereof:
(a)  An actuarial study as described in section 41-4005(2)(e), Idaho Code, calculating new rates for the next plan year or more frequent period if there are any midterm rate changes;
(b)  Any changes in the policy form, benefits or summary plan description;
(c)  Any amendments or changes made to the stop-loss agreement or agreements, including change of carriers;
(d)  Any amendments or changes made to administrative, service or management agreements;
(e)  Any amendments or changes to the fidelity bond or other coverage the director deemed equivalent pursuant to section 41-4014(3), Idaho Code;
(f)  Any amendments or changes to the trust agreement; and
(g)  Any change in the trustee or trustees, officers or management of the trust, which notice shall include biographical affidavits of any new trustee, officer or management personnel.
(3)  The trustee shall notify the director immediately if the trustee learns or receives information that indicates that the surplus of the trust falls below the minimum surplus requirements.

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