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41-4011.  Records and accounts — Annual statement. (1) The trustee of a self-funded plan shall cause full and accurate records and accounts to be entered and maintained during all times of the existence of the trust covering all financial transactions and affairs of the trust fund, which records and accounts shall be subject to review by the director. Any audit of the plan or trust shall be completed independently of any other entity.
(2)  Within ninety (90) days after close of a fiscal year of the plan, the trustee shall prepare an annual statement in writing summarizing the financial transactions of the trust fund for such fiscal year and the financial condition of the trust at the end of such year in accordance with the requirements of this chapter and with generally accepted accounting principles. The statement shall be in a form acceptable to the director and include such information as prescribed by the director. The financial information included therein shall be certified by the accountant who audited such information. The trustee shall promptly deliver a copy of the statement to each employer or postsecondary educational institution participating in the plan and keep a copy thereof on file in the business office from which the plan is operated. Such statement shall be available for review by any beneficiary at all reasonable times for a period of not less than three (3) years from the date of the statement. If the plan is managed by a third party administrator, such statement shall be available at the administrative offices of the employer or employers or postsecondary educational institution.
(3)  The plan’s annual statement shall be accompanied by the certified actuarial opinion described in section 41-4010, Idaho Code. Such annual statement shall be prepared in accordance with actuarial standard of practice no. 28. The self-funded plan shall require that the qualified actuary retain the actuarial work papers until the department has filed an examination report of the plan covering the period of the actuarial opinion but no longer than seven (7) years from the date of such opinion.
(4)  On or before expiration of such ninety (90) day period the trustee shall file an original of the annual statement and certified actuarial opinion with the director. The actuarial opinion shall be filed in a form prescribed by the director. The trustee shall pay a filing fee as provided for by rule. The director may grant a thirty (30) day extension of the time for filing the annual statement.
(5)  The trustee shall also file quarterly supplemental unaudited financial reports and other periodic supplemental unaudited financial reports in a form and at the times prescribed by the director.
(6)  The director shall transmit and account for all fees received by him hereunder as provided in section 41-406, Idaho Code.
(7)  The annual and quarterly reports required under this section are public records and are available to the public, notwithstanding the exemptions from disclosure provided in chapter 1, title 74, Idaho Code.

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