Idaho Statutes

41-4012.  Taxes. (1) Each self-funded plan required to be registered under this chapter is subject to the tax as provided in this section. Each registered self-funded plan, and each formerly registered plan with respect to beneficiaries in this state while so registered, shall simultaneously with the filing of its annual statement with the director, pay to the director a tax computed at the rate of four cents (4¢) per month per beneficiary covered by the plan during the fiscal year of the annual statement with respect to all beneficiaries working or resident in this state. Any plans operating in Idaho without proper registration shall be subject to back taxes for all years the plan was in operation plus all other sanctions authorized by law.
(2)  All excise, privilege, franchise, income, license and similar taxes, licenses and fees are hereby preempted from imposition upon self-funded plans and on the intangible property of their trust funds; and no county, city, municipality, district, school district, or other political subdivision or agency of Idaho shall levy upon such plans or trust funds any such tax, license or fee additional to those set forth in this chapter.
(3)  The tax imposed on self-funded plans in subsection (1) of this section, together with the fees imposed on such plans as set forth in this chapter, shall be in lieu of any and all income taxes and other excise taxes, licenses and fees payable to the state of Idaho. No self-funded plan shall be required to file any tax returns or comply with any provisions governing such income taxes and other excise taxes, licenses and fees payable to the state of Idaho.
(4)  The director shall promptly remit all such tax payments received by him pursuant to this section to the state treasurer for credit to the state general fund.

[41-4012, added 1974, ch. 248, sec. 12, p. 1624; am. 1982, ch. 252, sec. 3, p. 645; am. 2006, ch. 414, sec. 11, p. 1265; am. 2013, ch. 181, sec. 12, p. 429.]

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