Idaho Statutes

41-4018.  Termination of registration. (1) The director shall terminate the registration of a self-funded plan upon written request of the trustee, or if he finds, after an inquiry or an examination, that the trust fund is insolvent. For the purposes of this chapter, "insolvent" means the plan is unable to pay its obligations when they are due or that its assets do not exceed its liabilities. As used in this chapter, "assets" means all investments held in the name of the trust as permitted by section 41-4009, Idaho Code.
(2)  The director may terminate the registration of a plan for violation of this chapter, or failure of the trustee to timely file with the director the annual statement or actuarial opinion and timely pay the tax required under sections 41-4011 and 41-4012, Idaho Code, or if he finds, after an inquiry or an examination of the trust fund and the plan or notice from the trustee:
(a)  That the plan no longer meets the qualifications required by sections 41-4004 and 41-4005, Idaho Code, and that such deficiency will not or cannot be remedied within a reasonable time;
(b)  That there is a pattern of benefits promised by the plan that are not being fairly and promptly paid;
(c)  That the cost of administering the plan is excessive in relation to the character and volume of service being rendered in the administration;
(d)  That the trust fund has been subject to fraudulent, incompetent or dishonest practices on the part of the trustee, administrator, consultant, any participating employer, any postsecondary educational institution, beneficiaries or others; or
(e)  That the trust fund does not meet the minimum surplus requirements under this chapter.
(3)  The director shall terminate the plan’s registration by his written order provided to the trustee last of record with the department and to each employer or postsecondary educational institution last of record with the department. Such order shall state the grounds upon which it is based and its effective date. The order shall be subject to judicial review in the same manner as applies to official orders of the director in general.

[41-4018, added 1974, ch. 248, sec. 18, p. 1624; am. 2006, ch. 414, sec. 15, p. 1267; am. 2013, ch. 181, sec. 17, p. 431.]

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