Idaho Statutes

41-4019.  Liquidation of trust fund. (1) Upon termination of registration of the plan, the trust fund of a self-funded plan shall be liquidated as soon as practicable.
(2)  Liquidation of a solvent self-funded plan shall be conducted by its trustee under a plan of liquidation in writing filed with and approved by the director as fair and equitable to all persons having a pecuniary interest in the trust fund. Any balance remaining after payment or adequate provision for all claims and charges against the trust fund shall be disposed of in such manner as is provided for in the plan of liquidation. Unless the plan of liquidation provides that liability for all unpaid claims and obligations of the trust fund has been unconditionally assumed by other financially responsible person or persons and the third party contract has been submitted to the department for its review, the existence of surplus funds for such disposition shall not be determined prior to expiration of two (2) years after termination of the registration.
(3)  The liquidation of an insolvent self-funded plan shall be carried out by the director in accordance with chapter 33, title 41, Idaho Code (rehabilitation and liquidation). For this purpose, the self-funded plan shall be deemed to be an insolvent domestic insurer and subject to all statutes and rules applicable to the same.

[41-4019, added 1974, ch. 248, sec. 19, p. 1624; am. 2006, ch. 414, sec. 16, p. 1268; am. 2013, ch. 181, sec. 18, p. 432.]

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