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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-804.  Custodial arrangements for deposits. (1) All deposits of insurers made in this state under this code shall be made through the director.
(2)  The deposits shall be made with and held by the trust department of an established bank located in Idaho, approved by the director for the purpose, and under custodial arrangements likewise approved by him. All such custodial arrangements shall comply in substance with the requirements of this code as to the amount, purposes, maintenance, initial amounts, release and withdrawal of such a deposit, and as to the rights of the insurer therein.
(3)  The securities qualified for deposit under this chapter may be deposited with a clearing corporation or held in the federal reserve book-entry system. Securities deposited with a clearing corporation or held in the federal reserve book-entry system and used to meet the deposit requirements set forth in this chapter shall be under the control of the director of the department of insurance and shall not be withdrawn by the insurer without the approval of the director. Any insurer holding securities in such manner shall provide evidence satisfactory to the director, issued by its custodian or member bank through which such insurer has deposited such securities in a clearing corporation or through which such securities are held in the federal reserve book-entry system, respectively, in order to establish that the securities are actually recorded in an account in the name of the custodian or other direct participant or member bank, and that the records of the custodian, other participant or member bank reflect that such securities are held subject to the order of the director. Definitions contained in section 41-2870, Idaho Code, shall apply to this subsection (3).
(4)  The cost of any such custodial arrangements shall be borne by the insurer. The state of Idaho shall have no responsibility for the safekeeping of the deposit.

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