Idaho Statutes

42-1003.  Service of notice of hearing — Depositions. At the time so fixed all persons interested as aforesaid, on either side of the controversy, in lands which may be irrigated by such ditch or other water-works aforesaid, may appear by themselves or by their agents or attorneys, and said commissioners shall then proceed to take action in the matter of fixing such rates of compensation for the delivery of water: provided, the applicant or applicants, if the application be made by a party or parties as aforesaid desirous of procuring water, shall, within ten (10) days from the time of entering the said order fixing the hearing, cause a copy of such order, duly certified, to be delivered to the owner or owners of such ditch, canal or conduit or to the president, secretary, or agent of the company, if it be owned by a corporation or association having such officers; if any such owner cannot be found, a copy shall be left at the usual place of business of the company of which he is such officer, or at his residence if such company have [has] no place of business. And if such ditch or water-works aforesaid shall be owned by several owners, not being an incorporated company, it shall be sufficient to serve such notice by delivering a copy to a majority of them. If the applicant be the owner or party controlling such ditch, canal or conduit, such notice shall be given by causing printed copies of such order in handbill form, in conspicuous type, to be posted securely in ten (10) or more places throughout the county and section watered by such ditch or other water-works aforesaid, if the water be used for irrigation. The person or persons making such services or posting such printed copies shall make affidavit of the manner in which the same has been done, which affidavit shall be filed with the board of county commissioners. Depositions mentioned in the preceding section to be used before said commissioners shall be taken by any officer in the state authorized by law to take depositions, upon reasonable notice being given to the opposite party of the time and place of taking the same.

[(42-1003) 1899, p. 380, sec. 28; reen. R.C. & C.L., sec. 3296; C.S., sec. 5643; I.C.A., sec. 41-903]

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