Idaho Statutes

42-1004.  Conduct of hearing — Order — Appeal. Said board of commissioners may adjourn or postpone any hearing from time to time as may be found necessary; but when in session they shall hear and examine all legal testimony or proofs offered by any party interested as aforesaid, as well as concerning the original cost and present value of the works and structure of such ditch, canal or conduit, as well as the cost and expense of maintaining and operating the same, and all matters which may affect the establishment of reasonable maximum rates for water to be furnished and delivered therefrom, and they may issue subpoenas for witnesses, which subpoenas shall be served in the same manner in which subpoenas are served in civil cases; and said board may also issue subpoenas for the production of all books and papers required before them. The district court of the proper county, or the judge thereof in vacation, may, in case of refusal to obey the subpoenas of the board of county commissioners, compel obedience thereto, or punish for refusal to obey after hearing as in cases of attachment for contempt of such district court. Upon hearing and considering all the evidence and facts and matters involved in the case, said board of county commissioners shall enter an order describing the ditch, canal or conduit, or other water-works in question, with sufficient certainty, and fixing a just and reasonable maximum rate of compensation for water thereafter delivered from such ditch or other water-works as last aforesaid, within the county in which such commissioners act; and such rate shall not be changed within one (1) year from the time when such rate shall be so fixed: provided, that an appeal may be taken to the district court from any act, order or proceeding of the board by any person or corporation aggrieved thereby, as in other cases under the general statute of the state of Idaho, governing appeals from an order or proceeding of the board of county commissioners.

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