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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


42-1410.  Examination of water system and of claims. (1) Upon entry of the court’s order commencing a general adjudication, or as provided in section 42-1404 or 42-1424, Idaho Code, the director shall commence an examination of the water system, the canals and ditches and other works, and the uses being made of water diverted from the water system for water rights acquired under state law. The examination shall continue in a manner and for such a period of time as the director determines is necessary to evaluate the extent and nature of each water right for which a notice of claim under state law has been filed. The director may conduct any fact-finding hearing necessary for a full and adequate disclosure of the facts.
(2)  The director and other employees of the department shall have authority to go upon all lands, both public and private, for the purpose of investigating the uses of water from any water source and may require the cooperation of the claimant in investigating the claimant’s water use. The employee investigating the claimant’s use shall make a reasonable effort to contact the claimant to schedule a date and approximate time for the examination. If the well or diversion works are located in a building other than an unlocked structure used solely for housing the well or other diversion works in which there is no reasonable expectation of privacy, the employee shall only enter the building in the absence of a court order after requesting and receiving the permission of the claimant or other occupant. The director may request the district court to issue an order compelling inspection and subpoenas requiring the attendance of any witness or the production of documents in accordance with the Idaho rules of civil procedure.
(3)  Any maps prepared by the director shall be available for inspection at the offices of the department and any other locations the director may designate, for the purpose of assisting any claimant in preparing and filing claims and objections to the director’s report.

[42-1410, added 1986, ch. 220, sec. 12, p. 572; am. 1994, ch. 454, sec. 17, p. 1461.]

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