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42-2011.  Forfeiture of contract for contractor’s default — Sale of project. Upon the failure of any parties having contracts with the state for the reclamation of lands segregated under the Carey Act to commence the construction of such ditches, canals or other irrigation works within the time specified by the contract or to perform all of the requirements of said contract within the time specified in said contract with the state to the satisfaction of the director of the department of water resources, it shall be the duty of the director to give such parties written notice of such failure, and if, after a period of sixty (60) days from the sending of such notice, they shall have failed to proceed with the work or to conform to the provisions of their contract with the state, the bond and contract of such parties and all works constructed thereunder shall be at once and thereby forfeited to the state.
It shall be the duty of the director at once so to declare and give notice once each week for a period of four (4) weeks in some newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the work is situated and in one (1) newspaper at the state capital in like manner and for a like period of the forfeiture of said contract, and that upon a fixed day proposals will be received at the office of the department for the purchase of ditches, canals, other irrigation works, water rights and all other rights, privileges and benefits obtained under the provisions of the said contract and for the performance of the provisions of said contract with the state. The time for receiving said bids shall be at least sixty (60) days subsequent to the issuing of the last notice of forfeiture. Upon the request of any bidder the director shall specify in particular the needful things to be done in order to accomplish the substantial and satisfactory performance of said contract, and the director may require good and sufficient bond for such performance before confirming such sale. The money received by the department from the sale under the provisions of this section shall first be applied to the expenses incurred by the state in the forfeiture and disposal and to satisfying the bond, and the surplus, if any exists, shall be paid into the Carey Act trust fund created under section 42-2018, Idaho Code.

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