Idaho Statutes

42-2018.  Carey Act trust fund — Continuing appropriation. As provided in the act of congress all moneys received by the department of water resources from the sale of lands selected under the provisions of this chapter shall be deposited with the state treasurer, and such sums as may be necessary shall be available for the payment of the expenses of the department of water resources incurred in carrying out the provisions of this chapter.
Such expenses shall be paid by the state controller in the manner provided by law, upon vouchers duly approved by the state board of examiners, for the work performed under the direction of the department of water resources; and any balance remaining over and above the expense necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter shall constitute a trust fund in the hands of the state treasurer to be used only for the reclamation of other arid lands; provided, however, that any funds in the hands of the state treasurer in excess of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) may be loaned by the department of finance in the manner and form prescribed by the laws of this state for the loan of school funds; provided, also, that said department of finance shall have and is hereby granted power and authority to sell, transfer or assign said securities, or any part thereof, whenever said department of water resources shall determine that the Carey Act fund has use for, and needs, the money aforesaid in carrying out the purposes of the trust imposed upon the state by the laws of the state or United States. No sale, transfer or assignment, aforesaid, shall be made by said department of finance for less than the face value and accrued interest of said securities.

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