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42-2042.  Authorization — Financing. Pursuant to section 42-1756, Idaho Code, the Idaho water resource board is authorized to plan, finance, construct, acquire, operate, own, maintain, and be the project sponsor and developer of a water resource development project as provided in the provisions of the Carey Act and to use the water resource board revolving development fund and revenues or other additions thereto from any source, including, but not limited to, proceeds from loans secured by project revenues, to finance or guarantee the funding of said project. Said project is known as the Indian Hills project, which is located in Owyhee county approximately two (2) miles southwest of Hammett, Idaho. The Idaho water resource board is authorized by this act to proceed with the project on the basis identified and approved by the Idaho water resource board in the proposal submitted, pursuant to section 42-1734(11), Idaho Code, to the governor of Idaho on November 25, 1974; and the Idaho water resource board is further authorized to proceed in accordance with and exercise the authority for issuance of revenue bonds as provided in section 42-1734(17), Idaho Code. The Idaho water resource board is further authorized to own, sell, convey, mortgage, pledge or incumber the lands for said project and do all things necessary for the construction and completion of said project including the acquisition of all necessary real and personal property in connection therewith, together with all necessary pumping and water distribution works and facilities at the site of such water project and all other necessary and related structures and equipment, and, in addition to the powers conferred elsewhere on the Idaho water resource board, to issue and sell revenue bonds under the provisions of sections 42-1739 through 42-1749, Idaho Code, pledging thereto the revenues which the board shall derive from such water project, and such other revenues as may come into the water resource board revolving development fund from any source whatsoever, including, but not limited to, any tax funds pledged or dedicated to the water resource board revolving development fund, in order to pay the costs of planning, financing, acquiring, construction, operation and maintenance of such water project. The water resource board is further authorized to charge and collect such fees and assessments necessary for payment and reimbursement for all the costs of said project and the water resource board shall have a first and prior lien upon all lands of the project and water rights now appurtenant or to become appurtenant to said lands and water distribution facilities; said lien shall be in all respects prior to any and all other liens no matter how created or attempted to be created by the owner or possessor of the project lands or by law, and shall remain in full force and effect until the last deferred payment for water rights and project facilities is fully paid and satisfied according to the terms of the contract under which water is acquired for said project by persons making entry upon said lands.

[42-2042, added 1976, ch. 306, sec. 2, p. 1049; am. 2006, ch. 126, sec. 2, p. 364.]

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