Idaho Statutes

42-2905.  Petition for organization. For the purpose of the formation of such drainage district a petition shall be presented to the clerk of the district court of the county in which a greater portion of the lands of said proposed district are located, which petition shall set forth the object of the organization of said district, shall designate temporary boundaries thereof and shall set forth approximately the number of acres of land therein, and shall contain a description of the proposed system of drainage or diking or both, designating the point or points, if any there may be, which shall be the outlet or outlets for the drainage of said district, the general route over which the main ditch or ditches are to be constructed, together with the proposed spurs or branches, and the general location of the dikes or levees, if any there may be, and set forth the further fact that the establishment of said district and the proposed system of drainage will be conducive to the public health, convenience and welfare, or increase the public revenue, or that the establishment of said district and the said system of drainage and reclamation is a proper and advantageous method of accomplishing the relief sought. Said petition shall be signed by such number as own at least one-third of the acreage in the proposed district, and shall pray that the same be organized under the provisions of this chapter. Community property may be represented by either the husband or the record owner.

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